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K here’s the argument sketches I talked about.  I really only know/think some other shit went down with Lin and Toph cos while Lin reconciles w/ Su she NEVER stops being cold as ice when it comes to any mention of her mom so, just playing with the idea that they ended up fighting badly and having severe difference of ideals, so much worse of a situation than Su’s relationship with either of them. Plus Toph prob skirting as much as she can around her issues with not even being able to handle the thought of restricting her kids in any way (I guess that’s what I always thought of by her “this is our only option” bit, but I guess that could be something else entirely) by turning things around on Lin.  

I think maybe they would both see the situation as betrayal, Lin would see Toph being dishonest and unfair, which she is, lowering herself and therefore her family in doing so; Toph would see Lin picking a job and an subjective set of rules over the well-being of her sister, which she is, an idea Toph would probably be disgusted by. 

so my version is all problems come from the beifongs loving each other too much for any of them to be comfortable with and Lin playing a fucking lawful good paladin and being too pure for this earth lmfao

At least she has a nice boyfriend though, right?