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Monday morning, time for some new art!

I honestly thought I had posted some of this already, but I guess maybe I instagrammed or tweeted it? The lesson here is: stay on top of your social media-ings otherwise things get lost in the shuffle.

In any case, as you’ve probably gathered, I am taking tentative steps into the world of comics and this is one of those steps. In November, Justin Jordan (who you might know from the fantastic Luther Strode miniseries) and Ariela Kristantina will be launching conspiracy thriller DEEP STATE at Boom! Studios, and I am drawing the covers.

Up there are the first two issues, one more is in the bag and sketches for the two after that got sent off this morning, so there will be plenty more down the line (probably on a monthly basis when the solicits get released).

You can find out more about the series by reading an interview with Justin over at CBR NOW. And by now I mean: this interview is from August - I told you I was disorganised.

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The Wolverine Ongoing series, Issue numbers 01-10 had back cover art PinUps (except #07). The art is by:

Wolverine # 01 Back Cover Art ~ John Byrne.

Wolverine # 02 Back Cover Art ~ Bill Sienkiewicz.

Wolverine # 03 Back Cover Art ~ Kevin Nowlan.

Wolverine # 04 Back Cover Art ~ Barry Windsor-Smith.

Wolverine # 05 Back Cover Art ~ John Bolton.

Wolverine # 06 Back Cover Art ~ Todd McFarlane.

Wolverine # 07 Did Not have back cover artwork.

Wolverine # 08 Back Cover Art ~ Rob Liefeld.

Wolverine # 09 Back Cover Art ~ Matt Wagner.

Wolverine # 10 Back Cover Art ~ Kent Williams.